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KCC encourages safe and responsible use of communication technologies by all those involved in club activities.

Many internet sites, mobile, social networking and other interactive services provide safety warnings and advice including videos and links to online safety. All club staff and volunteers are aware of online risks and the need to protect their own privacy online. They understand the risks in posting, and sharing, content which may damage their reputation within the cricket environment.

Safe and responsible use includes:

  • Adhering to terms of service and acceptable use policies

  • The importance of ensuring that children registering on social networking sites are of an appropriate age. The minimum age for most social networking services is 13 years of age

  • Ensuring that safety settings are appropriately applied

  • Only age appropriate advertising is available and a child’s profile is not subject to an online search.

  • Use of privacy and safety settings – these enable users to manage ‘who sees what’ and who the user wishes to interact and share photos and other information with.

All members and guests of the club will:

  • Take responsibility for their own use of communication and interactive technologies, making sure they use new technologies safely, responsibly and legally within the context of cricket

  • Ensure that no communication device or service, including interactive communication services such as social networking may be used to bring the club, its members or cricket into disrepute

  • No communication device or service, including interactive services such as social networking may be used for inappropriate behaviour online within the context of cricket including the bullying or harassment of others in any form, defamation, obscene or abusive language, the uploading of material which is libellous, defamatory, obscene illegal, shows nudity or is violent

  • No mobile phone cameras or other cameras are to be used in any changing room

  • Report any known misuses of communication and interactive technologies within the context of cricket, including unacceptable behaviour, inappropriate contact with children online and illegal content including sexual abuse/indecent images of children, according to KCC and ECB safeguarding policies and procedures

  • Need to be aware that any report of the misuse of communication and interactive technologies within the context of cricket will be investigated according to the club’s policy and procedures and may result in the club’s disciplinary procedures being enforced

  • Recognise that, depending upon the seriousness of the incident legal action may be taken and where suspected criminal activity has taken place a report will be made to the police.

When accessing the club’s network or communication devices, all members and guests will:

  • Protect passwords and personal network logins and log off the network when leaving web stations/devices unattended

  • Where available, ensure that security settings should be set on mobile devices

  • Recognise that any attempts to access, corrupt or destroy other users’ data in any way using technology is unacceptable.

In addition to the above club officers and appointed volunteers will:

  • Take responsibility for their professional reputation in the online environment, making sure they follow e-safety advice, adhere to privacy and safety settings and report any concerns in accordance with club and ECB policies and procedures

  • Not ask for email addresses, mobile phone numbers or social networking profiles of junior members (less than 18 years of age) or search for junior members on social networking services/search engines without the prior consent of parents and in line with the club’s policy

  • Not develop an online relationship with a young player with the intention of meeting them offline to engage in sexual activity

  • Recognise that Sexual exploitation, including grooming a child under the age of 16 for the purpose of meeting to engage in sexual activity, is a serious criminal offence

  • Not view, possess, make or distribute sexual abuse/indecent images of children. This is a serious criminal offence.

More detailed guidelines are available from Worcestershire Cricket Board or ECB websites.

March 2018

Next Review due March 2019

KCC Junior Section:  E-Safety Policy